[Samba] add user to domain Admin group

jon at dullesmicro.com jon at dullesmicro.com
Mon Oct 6 00:28:20 GMT 2003

I have not been able to give a user to the "Domain Admin" group  priviliges successfully. I have installed, on RH 9, the latest samba which i have set up as the domain controller.  From what I have read, and tell me if I am off, the steps I have taken are:

Add a unix group: "domainadmins" to the samba machine.

Use groupmap to map the "Domain Admin" group to "domainadmins". Before this it was listed as -1 now it says "Domain Admin" -> domainadmins

I have create on the samba machine the user: administrator which I added to the domainadmins group.

Add the administrator user to the smbpasswd file.: ./smbpasswd -a administrator

Check that the Administrator group on the client machine(w2k) has the "Domain Admin"  group in it.

When the user "administrator" logs on to a client machine it does not have "Domain Admin" privilages. 

What am i doing wrong?


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