[Samba] Slooooow Samba problem

David Bell david at DB7654321.dyndns.org
Sun Oct 5 19:38:46 GMT 2003

On Sun, 2003-10-05 at 11:02, Charles Forelle wrote:
> The laptop is connecting to a Netgear router wirelessly. My wireless monitor
> indicates that the connection is established at 11 Mbit/sec. The Linux
> machine is plugged into that router with a 100 base T ethernet card. The
> LEDs on both the router and the card indicate that the connection is
> establed at 100 Mbps. That should mean I should get transfer rates something
> like 5 or 10 times higher than what I'm seeing, right?

I think you're getting confused between bits and bytes...  An 11Mbit
connection (like 802.11b in ideal conditions) will max out at about
600-700KB/s.  200KB/s is certainly low, but, not if there's some type of
interference.  I get 400-500KB/s over 802.11b, tunneled over a FreeSWan
IPSec interface.  It would be best to try some other benchmarks before
settling the problem on Samba.  How fast does an ftp transfer go?
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