[Samba] Files to home become root?

Ben Howard web at utlemming.org
Sun Oct 5 23:26:43 GMT 2003

Hey folks,
Somewhat of a newbie here, and am having some problems - first, when I
access my home directory on my Unix side I am finding that all the files
created on the Windows side on the Samba share are owned by root:wheel.
This is a little distressing, because, amoung other things it means that
my people cannot access their files (the default permission is
owner:rwx, everyone else: ---) So the question is how do I get Samba to
correctly set the correct ownership and the correct permissions.
The second question that I have is that I am only able to get one user
to be able to access the server. When I attempt to get another user to
access, I get problems and it won't let me do it. 

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