[Samba] smbpasswd -r -U not working agains a windows 2003 server

Vandeir Eduardo vanedu at inf.furb.br
Fri Oct 3 02:53:05 GMT 2003


I was using smbpasswd -r -U to change password against a
Windos NT4 PDC without problems.
We had migrated to Windows 2003 server and now when I try
to use smbpasswd -r -U to change password against a 2003
server it complains about invalid password, but, of course,
password is correct.
I already set requiresecuritysignature to 0 on windows
2003 server, but it didn't help.
Using smbclient to access a share on 2003 server works
without problems.
Is there something else that need to be done to make
smbpasswd work?


Vandeir Eduardo (CCNA)
mailto:vandeir at inf.furb.br
Laboratório de Computação e Informática (LCI) - Campus IV
Fundacao Universidade Regional de Blumenau (FURB)
Rua Braz Wanka, 238 - CEP: 89.035-160 - Blumenau (SC)
Blumenau, SC, Brasil.
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