[Samba] Samba 3 & win2003

Kenneth Karlsson kenneth.karlsson at bytewize.com
Thu Oct 2 23:56:53 GMT 2003

One of my customers decided to upgrade their domain server to 2003 and 
after that the 2.2.8 samba server wouldnt join the domain.

I tried upgrading to  samba 3  and that worked fine.
 I could join the domain on the 2003 server and even access shares on 
samba  from the 2003 server.

Unfortunately it didnt work with 2000 and xp. The explorer just crashes 
when I try to access the samba shares.

As I have just joined this list I dont know if this problem has been 
reported yet but I hope that somebody has an answer.

Regards Kenneth

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