[Samba] 2 (Suse), one NT 4 server machine and 5 user databases???

Scott Simmons ssimmons at holdenandrew.com
Fri Oct 3 22:15:59 GMT 2003

> I currently have a setup of 1 NT 4.0 PDC server and to SUSE boxes
> sharing via a samba share.  I seem to have to make 5 different
> usename/password databases.  1 for NT,  2 for each SuSe box (One Linux
> and one Samba).   Is there a way to have 1 or maybe two databases to
> update?  I've read about LDAP on other connections but I'm a little
> confused as to what is the best approach.  

>Yes, LDAP is the "best" approach.

>See Section 5 (current pg. 46) of

>- and -


Thanks for the info,  I'm a little confused on the PDC issues?  Will I
have a Windows BDC and Linux/samba PDC or a Windows PDC and a
Linux/samba PDC?  The article seem to through these terms around a
little to much without addressing what machine they are running on.  

Is there any gui from end to configure LDAP and Samba together.  Webmin
doesn't seem to have OpenLDAP support.  Sorry I seem stuck in a windows
state of mind.  Please help me out of this nightmare. :)


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