[Samba] Help: How to save a domain policy on Samba 3.0.0

Larry Liu larry.liu at cavcf.org
Fri Oct 3 22:40:42 GMT 2003

I use 'User Manger for Domain' on a NT4 member server to access the 
SAMof the Samba 3.0.0 PDC. It retrieves all the user and group accounts 
perfectly. Then I click 'Policies' ----> 'User Right', allow the group 
'Account Operator' to 'add workstations to domain', it allows me to 
click through 'OK', but it doesn't save the policy.

I can use 'User Manger for Domain' to disable/enable user accounts,change their passwords. However don't undstand why the domain policy won't get saved.

Anyone knows the workaround?  Maybe something to be done on Unix command line to apply domain policies?


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