[Samba] Samba and Active Directory Implications

Rob Burtelow rob at yewnicks.org
Thu Oct 2 14:54:56 GMT 2003


> The question is: How would it possibly effect replication?  Do they know
> what they are talking about?

First of all thanks for your input.  I agree with your above statement,
it is what I told them.  The Linux boxes don't send or receive any type
of replication requests, so it shouldn't matter.

> Do you mean authenticate against AD without joining the Linux box to the
> AD realm?  You'd probably have to mangle the security on AD a bit, but
> kerberos is not going to work unless the KDC (in this case AD) knows
> about the "client".

Agreed again, I'm just trying to make sure what I'm telling them is in
line with how it actually works.  If it comes down to it, it might be a
pissing contest between them making me prove it will work and have no
problems, and me telling them to prove it will have problems.


rob at yewnicks.org

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