[Samba] Clarification needed regarding documentation concerning NT4 PDC to Samba3 migration

Adam Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Oct 2 14:40:14 GMT 2003

> I followed the documentation concerning migration of NT4 PDC to Samba3. I set up the official release of Samba 3 on Red Hat Linux 7.3 and configured it as recommended in the documentation, joined the domain and then ran the net rpc vampire command. I did not do anything else. Now, this part of the documentation is unclear to me and I quote:
> "It is possible to migrate all account settings from an MS Windows NT4 domain to Samba-3. Before attempting to migrate user and group accounts, it is STRONGLY advised to create in Samba-3 the groups that are present on the MS Windows NT4 domain AND to map them to suitable UNIX/Linux groups. By following this simple advice, all user and group attributes should migrate painlessly."
> What is meant by creating groups in Samba 3? I tried searching the documentation. I could locate creating users, but couldnt locate creating groups in Samba. Could this mean Unix to NT group mapping using smbgroupedit?

Pretty much, do a "man net"

Maybe take a look at -

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