[Samba] Secondary groups

Ron Garcia-Vidal ghstwrtr at evilgenius.net
Wed Oct 1 13:14:45 GMT 2003

I have backups of user home directories that I've shared out via samba 
so that my non-linux level 1 guy can restore files using the 
drag-n-drop.  Problem is, all directories are owned by their respective 
user and are set 700.  In order for the admin users to access these 
directories, I've set admin user=@SuperAdmins for the share in smb.conf.

The problem is, al the admin users have domain users as their primary 
group, and superadmins as a secondary.  Access to the homes folder fails 
for all but user Administrator.  If I switch my primary group to 
SuperAdmins, I am allowed access.  I would rather not run with 
SuperAdmins as my primary group.  How can I get Samba to see my list of 
secondaries when determining access permission?

I am running Debian testing with the stable samba 3.0 packages from 
samba.org.  Authentication is through winbind feeding off an NT4 pdc.



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