[Samba] MSCHAPv2 microsoft client/linux/Active Directory

Ron Wahler ron at rovingplanet.com
Fri Oct 31 14:39:53 GMT 2003


Hello all,

I was not able to find much on this in the archives so I hope someone
can help

Me with this.


Can samba 3.x help the authentication of a Microsoft client
authenticating with

MSCHAPv2 passwords to my linux box which we use to authenticate a user

on a Microsoft Active Directory server.  The authentication request
comes in through

RADIUS which I can convert to LDAP,but that only works with clear
passwords to Active

Directory.   I still need to compete the MSCHAP challenge/response
through RADIUS,

Which freeRadius can help me with... maybe.  If I use the msbpasswd
command and

Become a member of the domain will it give me any special privileges say
with LDAP 

To allow mschap password authentication.  The linux box only acts as an

Gateway, the users do not need linux accounts, I only wish to
authenticate the users.

How else could I authenticate the user besides LDAP.   Has anyone else
tried to do

Something like this ?



Any discussion would helpful.




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