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Hi , (sorry i am frustrating of windows),
use swat to configure samba it is very simple to use, and note most of the
failures are not relate to samba if you have a valid smb.conf
Windows XP Home can not be a member of a domain as every win admin should
you can only share a folder , this struggle is not relate to samba ask
microschrott about there politics
to sell a cut client to dummy users.
update to samba 3 to have a valid smb pdc and study the samba faqs and the
post your smb.conf that we can give you qualified answer
Best Regards
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> I have been struggling with SAMBA for about a month now. Wow, as a Windows
> user it's really infuriating trying to use SAMBA to put a Linux machine in
> system. This is clearly the most frustrating aspect of Linux, in my
> All I want to do is make my Linux machine behave like any other Windows XP
> Professional machine in my office (I do confess, one of my employees
brings in
> her own Windows XP Home machine. I hope that's not an issue.)
> I am not terribly concerned about security -- I have been using a Windows
> 2000 Server for about a year to let video editors in my office access 2
> of video files on a series of RAIDS attached to the server. There are only
> machines on my office network, and no real exposure to the outside.
> Now, I'm just trying to replace the Windows 2000 machine with a Linux
> On the Linux Machine (running the new Mandrake 9.2 with Samba 2.2.8a I
> I have created user accounts and passwords for each XP user. I used the
> names the editors use to log onto their XP machines as well as the same
> passwords. I did NOT use the names of the XP Computers. That's my
understanding of
> which name to use.)
> I also created samba passwords for each of those users with "smbpasswd".

> I made a very simple smb.conf file:
> But here's what happens.
> I can access the Linux shares from the Windows XP machines SOMETIMES.
> the first time I click on the Linux computer (localhost) in Windows
> I get an error. But the second time I click I can usually connect and see
> Linux shares.
> But sometimes -- after being able to read and write to the Linux shares
> hours -- I suddenly get back a message "Localhost is not accessible. You
> not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the
administrator of
> this sever to find out if you have access permissions.   You were not
> connected because a duplicate name exists on the network. Go to System in
> Panel to change the computer name and try again."
> The only way to gain access to the Linux shares again is to reboot the
> Windows XP machine.
> Does anybody know what's going on here?
> If I can get that issue straightened out, then I have another question.
> do I set up SAMBA so that when a user writes a file to the shared folder,
> file can be read AND ALTERED by anyone who can access the the share. It's
> crucial that users be able not only to read all files, but also modify and
> them.
> Finally, I would ALSO like to know how I can make it so that the files
> written to some Linux shares can be read by everybody but only modified or
> by the computer (not the people, but the machine) that created the data.
> Appreciate your time. Thanks for reading this.
> Andy Liebman
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