[Samba] Winbind: can't log in as domain user

Mike Ely samba at phoenix.k12.or.us
Thu Oct 30 19:59:35 GMT 2003

Sorry about the lengthy post - I'm putting as much in here as I can in 
hopes that someone can help me ferret out the problem.

Basic problem is that domain users can't successfully log into the 
linux box.  I'm trying to set this box up as an ltsp server 
authenticating against our existing AD (although this is actually in a 
test lab - I didn't really want to trash anything real just yet).  The 
test lab is configured as follows to duplicate the basic layout of our 

	LTSP-DC1: 	Win2k server ("more equal" than LTSP-DC2) running AD, DNS, 
DHCP, etc
	LTSP-DC2:	Win2k server ("less equal" than LTSP-DC1) configured same as 
	LTSP-FS1:	Win2k server serving a share called "Staff" with all the 
staff OU members' home directories
	LTSP-STU:	Win2k server serving a group of shares with the different 
student OU members' home directories.

	LTSPSRV:	SuSE 8.2 Box with Samba 3.0, ultimately intended to be a 
terminal services box.

Compiling Samba 3.0 went fine on LTSPSRV, passing the following flags 
to the configure script:
--with-ads=yes --with-krb5=/usr/local/ --with-automount=yes 
--with-smbmount=yes --with-winbind=yes --with-pam=yes

Here's my smb.conf:

	realm = LTSP.FOO.BAR
	workgroup = LTSP
	security = ADS
	encrypt passwords = yes
	winbind separator = +
	idmap uid = 10000-20000
	winbind gid = 10000-20000
	winbind enum users = yes
	winbind enum groups = yes
	template homedir = /home/%D/%U
	template shell = /bin/bash
	local master = no

(Note: the FOO.BAR isn't what's actually in there.  It has a good FQDN)
Kerberos is the current version from MIT.  Here's the krb5.conf

	        default_realm = LTSP.FOO.BAR
	        dns_lookup_realm = false
	        dns_lookup_kdc = true

	        LTSP.FOO.BAR = {
	                kdc = ltsp-dc1
	                kdc = ltsp-dc2
	                default_domain = ltsp.foo.bar

	.ltsp.foo.bar = LTSP.FOO.BAR
	ltsp.foo.bar = LTSP.FOO.BAR

  I can successfully join the domain using "net ads join -U username" 
and all that.  Net ads info looks right, and smbd, nmbd, and winbindd 
start up successfully at boot (although winbindd shows up twice when I 
do "ps -ae | grep winbindd").

kinit administrator at LTSP.FOO.BAR works as it should, I think.  I get 
prompted for a password, and then klist shows the ticket, although the 
following also shows up with klist

	Kerberos 4 ticket cache: /tmp/tkt0
	klist: You have no tickets cached

wbinfo -u shows all my top-level users, and wbinfo shows all my 
top-level groups - anyone in a secondary OU is not visible to wbinfo - 
problem 1.

Now, as root, I can change users to any domain user I want to without 
entering a password, using, for example:
	su LTSP+fred
and "whoami" returns the correct value.  However, if I log in as a 
local non-root account and try the same thing, or if I attempt to 
connect remotely using "ssh -l LTSP+fred" I get a failed password error 
even though I'm using a known-good password for that account.  BIG 
problem #2.

I'm sure there's something simple that needs to be changed and all will 
suddenly Just Work.  Once that happens, perhaps someone could answer 
this: how do I automatically map the home directory of a domain user to 
their AD-defined home directory (//ltsp-fs1/staff/fred <--> 
/home/LTSP/fred, for example)?  I want to have no local storage for 
domain users on the linux box.

Thanks for reading this far, and I look forward to hearing an answer.

Mike Ely

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