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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Oct 30 14:14:37 GMT 2003

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Jerry Haltom wrote:

| I also can't seem to get the Add Printer Drivers wizard
| to work right. I followed the instructions in the 3.0 howto
| as best as I could. My samba "admin" user, is named "samba",
| he has a uid 0. It's stored in LDAP. It works for
| joining computers to the domain.
| I added "samba" to printer admin, and when I try to
| log into a Windows computer, as this user, and add a
| driver, I get: Access Denied.

an admin user may not be the same as a printer
admin.  Your message isn't clear on what is considered to
be an 'admin' user.

| I'm not sure what I'm being denied access too! This user has uid 0.

give me more details and we'll figure out what is going on.

| After setting all this up, can I expect queue's to
| be consistant? I need to see, in the Windows queue, unix jobs
| submitted directly to cups. On the cup's queue, I'd like to
| see window's jobs.

This works fine.  smbd does use an 'lpq cache time' since
we cache the queue listing along with some addition job

| Also, can samba be made to spool to cups AS it's receiving
| from the client? We regularly print out 900 page jobs, which
| take 30 pages to print from the client to the server. If the
| client has to sit there and spool all 900 pages before
| the job can even start, we've doubled our print time! As
| of now, Windows will start printing INSTATLY upon receiving
| data from the client, this may be more like "buffering"
| than "spooling".

Samba cannot give the job to the printing system until the
client has spooled the entire job to us.  SOrry.

cheers, jerry
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