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Jerry Haltom jhaltom at feedbackplusinc.com
Fri Oct 31 16:10:50 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 08:14, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> Jerry Haltom wrote:
> | I also can't seem to get the Add Printer Drivers wizard
> | to work right. I followed the instructions in the 3.0 howto
> | as best as I could. My samba "admin" user, is named "samba",
> | he has a uid 0. It's stored in LDAP. It works for
> | joining computers to the domain.
> |
> | I added "samba" to printer admin, and when I try to
> | log into a Windows computer, as this user, and add a
> | driver, I get: Access Denied.
> an admin user may not be the same as a printer
> admin.  Your message isn't clear on what is considered to
> be an 'admin' user.

I refer to a user which I have made to join stuff to the domain. It has
a uid of 0. You're right, "admin user" is sort of a made up term,
however I also went one to say "I added \"samba\" to the printer admin".
So, the user I am trying the add/remove wizard as, IS listed as a
printer admin.

> | I'm not sure what I'm being denied access too! This user has uid 0.
> give me more details and we'll figure out what is going on.

I have no more details to give. Windows is very unhelpful in this
matter. It simple says "Could not add drivers: Access denied."

I should also point out, I've tried the add printer driver wizard with
users other than this specific one. I have both added and not added them
to the printer admin line. I've tried a whole lot of stuff, but because
I don't seem to understand the process, it's all guesswork.

> | After setting all this up, can I expect queue's to
> | be consistant? I need to see, in the Windows queue, unix jobs
> | submitted directly to cups. On the cup's queue, I'd like to
> | see window's jobs.
> This works fine.  smbd does use an 'lpq cache time' since
> we cache the queue listing along with some addition job
> information.
> | Also, can samba be made to spool to cups AS it's receiving
> | from the client? We regularly print out 900 page jobs, which
> | take 30 pages to print from the client to the server. If the
> | client has to sit there and spool all 900 pages before
> | the job can even start, we've doubled our print time! As
> | of now, Windows will start printing INSTATLY upon receiving
> | data from the client, this may be more like "buffering"
> | than "spooling".
> Samba cannot give the job to the printing system until the
> client has spooled the entire job to us.  SOrry.

Okay, will try to make do. Is this a limitation of Samba, or CUPs in
particular? If cups supports receiving streamed data, could not Samba
just start streaming it to cups, and cups would handle either spooling
it, or printing it immediatly if they're are no other jobs? I'm just
trying to duplicate the experience on Windows. Trying to cause as little
hassle to people as possible. Doing a full Linux migration here, every
server: If I can do it with no interruptions at all, people will love me
for it. :)

Thanks for your help.

> cheers, jerry
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