[Samba] Bizarre Problem ( Samba 3/Win2k )

gilles stenger gilles at tecnoplus-soft.com.br
Thu Oct 30 11:26:21 GMT 2003

I´m running a samba 3.0 server on slackware box as my PDC. I´m using a bunch of win2k client in Brazilian Portuguese. Everething run fine excepted that when win2k client try to overwrite files on all the server shares they get a message like "Unable to Copy file, make sure that the name is spelled correctly" ( Sorry for the translation, i´m using a Brazilian version of windows ). 
What is very weird is that :
    - If I do cut/paste then it doesn´t work ( I get that message ). If I delete the file and do the copy, everything fine.
    - If I drag and drop IT WORKS, using the copy menu.
    - If I drag and drop using the move menu, it accept but I´l get messages that "folders" "doesn´t exist, create it ?"
    - WinXP work fine.

The client have all the latest update from Uncle Bill. 
I´have tried to put samba in debug mode. What I´have seen is that there is no access try on the server. ( that is no attempt is made to access nothing on the server and then there is no security problem, neither charset problems ). 

Any idea ? 

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