[Samba] windows shares duplicate samba shares instead of reporting own shares

Nathan Speed nspeed at cyberspace.org
Wed Oct 29 23:38:36 GMT 2003


I've got 3 pc's in a small network. One runs OpenBSD 3.3 with samba 2.2,
one runs windows 98 SE, and the other runs windows xp. The samba machine
has some shares defined in smb.conf. I can get to those shares from

The problem is that I can't get to any of the shares on the windows
machines. When I am browsing the SMB workgroup, the windows pc's show up
with the right names, but with the shares defined in smb.conf on the samba

The windows pc's have some shared files and one has a shared printer. When
I am on one of the windows pc's, and I browse the workgroup, I can see the
correct shares for the computer that I am at, but I see the incorrect
shares (the samba shares) for the other windows pc. I can not get to the
actual windows shares. 

What would cause this? I confess I have never taken the time to truly
understand Windows Networking. Please excuse my newbness.

Thanks for reading!
Nathan Speed

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