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Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Wed Oct 29 23:31:53 GMT 2003

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Niklas Berglund írta:
| Hello..
| Can somebody tell me how or if its possible to sord of map a directory
on a
| win2k machine to a link or a dir on the linux machine.  Like a mirror.
| I have a win2k machine ( and a linux machine (
| running samba.
| Ive been trying to get samba to do it for me, like this :
| smb.conf
| ----------
| [super]
|         comment = Superoffice
|         path = //
|         valid users = %S @wheel @users
|         invalid users = root bin daemon nobody named www uucp
|         writeable = Yes
|         create mask = 0777
|         force create mode = 0777
| Im not sure how to properly write the "path=" parameter on thisone.
| Can someone help me please?
| Regards
| Nick.
I'm really not an expert on the subject, but I've read one of them
writing before on this list about the fact, that samba can access only
files accessible by the host OS, e.g /somedir/someotherdir/.......
But I think, that what you are trying could be achieved by using DFS.
I would suggest to read chapter 17 of the Samba Howto Collection.

Good Luck!

Geza Gemes
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