[Samba] DOS Commands and Samba3 don't work

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Wed Oct 29 18:00:43 GMT 2003

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Bruno Tobias Stella írta:
| Hi !
|   I have the follow problem:
|   When I access a Shared Directory Samba3 by DOS, in win98
| workstation and execute, for example, "dir file.txt", I receive
| an error message advising that occured a fault in access the
| drive ...
|   I note this only when I execute the DOS command (del and dir)
| with the full file name, and only in win98 workstation, because
| in winXP workstation these commands work rightly.
|   Somebody know this problem ?
|   Thanks for some help,
| Bruno Stella
| brunostella at trt15.gov.br
| Setor de Redes - Secretaria de Informatica
| Tribunal Regional do Trabalho da 15a. Regiao
I would suggest to review your settings regarding
dos charset
unix charset
mangling method
mangle prefix
mangle case
mangling char
mangled names
mangled map
for me everything works well
(I have unix charset = ISO8859-2, dos charset = CP852, others are
default values), except that 8+3 names are very strange. But I can run
any DOS command on the long or on the 8+3 filenames.


Geza Gemes
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