[Samba] DOS Commands and Samba3 don't work

Bruno Tobias Stella brunostella at trt15.gov.br
Wed Oct 29 16:34:09 GMT 2003

Hi !

  I have the follow problem:

  When I access a Shared Directory Samba3 by DOS, in win98 
workstation and execute, for example, "dir file.txt", I receive 
an error message advising that occured a fault in access the 
drive ...
  I note this only when I execute the DOS command (del and dir) 
with the full file name, and only in win98 workstation, because 
in winXP workstation these commands work rightly.

  Somebody know this problem ?

  Thanks for some help,

Bruno Stella
brunostella at trt15.gov.br
Setor de Redes - Secretaria de Informatica
Tribunal Regional do Trabalho da 15a. Regiao

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