[Samba] samba3, network printing, additional problems

awesome-dave1 at juno.com awesome-dave1 at juno.com
Wed Oct 29 17:05:43 GMT 2003

	First of all my thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I'm still
having an issue getting this network printer going. I'm now getting a
windows error from explorer.exe, i've checked all the windows system,
application, and security logs and of course the error is not in them. I
then turned samba's debug level to 10, reloaded it and tried again to
access the printer. This error with explorer only occurs when i right
click on the printer and select properties to add the driver. 
	I'd like to use apw but i do need to get this working. Does anyone have
this particular printer, an hp5550, working in a setting like this? I am
trying to figure out what specific driver files are needed so i can pass
them to rpcclient. It looks like the drivers on disk are in some kind of
compressed form.
	Any suggestions welcome.

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