[Samba] newbie stuff

Vishesh kaul vishesh at mail.nplindia.ernet.in
Wed Oct 29 05:58:04 GMT 2003

I am new to samba and i am planning to use samba for a particular task...
i want to mount about 100 windows terminals on my linux server and then run
them through a process..  they might be mounted at once or serially...

when something of this nature happens, u have many different type of machine
configurations..  some might have different windows versions running
(e.g.95,98,XP,3.11,2000) and everyone will have windows partition according to
their needs..  so partition numbers will also vary...and ofcourse hard disk
size will differ..

in that case how do i utilise samba efficiently and without any troubles? is
there any tutorial regarding this?

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