[Samba] Network path not found

Marc Drouin marc.drouin at fondex.ca
Fri Oct 24 19:26:54 GMT 2003

Hi group,

I managed to resolve my problem.  It appears (newbie mistake) that during
the installation of red hat 9.0 I left the setting for the firewall to
medium security, in effect blocking port 137 (or 139, can't remember which).
During my nmblookup test, the packet sent to port 137 por 139 was blocked.

I was able to see that using the debug param of nmblookup.

Anyways thanks everybody for your help.


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>Addind the line wins support = yes to smb.conf does not change anything.

Just so I'm clear, you did add the wins server to the tcp/ip properties
on the windows client machine, right?


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