[Samba] Problem with German Umlauts

Sebastian samba at basti79.de
Fri Oct 24 15:32:16 GMT 2003

Hi @all...

Following configuration i used before samba 3:
	character set = ISO8859-1
	codepage = CP850

I could read an write files with umlauts from my Win2k Client. Doing an
ls at the linux console showed a ? (question mark) instead the umlaut,
but using mc (Midnight Commander) shows the right char. I was quite
happy with this setup.

Now, with samba 3.0.0final-1 (from Debian/sarge), I tried this setup:
	dos charset = CP850
	unix charset = ASCII
	display charset = LOCALE
The Windows Explorer shows the filenames correctly, with the umlauts,
but when i try to open such a file oder change to such a diretry it says
it doesn't exists.

So i tried unix charset = CP850, which showed me strange ACSII chars
instead of the Umlauts in Windows Explorer, but I was able to open the
files correctly.

I also tried unix charset = UTF8, but this got the filenames cut off at
the first umlaut in Windows Explorer.

I think the first setup, unix charset = ASCII, is the right one, but i
was unable to figure out, why i can't open the files. Any suggestions?


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