[Samba] Network path not found

Marc Drouin marc.drouin at fondex.ca
Fri Oct 24 14:58:13 GMT 2003

>From the windows machine I have tried NET USE \\\tmp and NET
VIEW with the same result wihch leaves very perplexed.

I have tried pinging the samba machine.  I can ping the adress with success
but pinging the name (Linux) does not work.

Addind the line wins support = yes to smb.conf does not change anything.


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You have a name resolution error (obviously).  First, try accessing
the share from the Windows machines using the ip, ex:


and see if that works (dollars to doughnuts it does...)

A resolution (but not the only one) would be to turn on wins serving
in your smb.conf, and then point your windows workstations to your
Samba server to get wins information.  Alternately, if you already
have a wins server on the network, point your Linux box at it.


wins support = yes

to your smb.conf to turn on the Samba wins server.

Brodcast resolution (which you're using now) should be working,
however, regardless of the status of wins, unless you've entered
a wins server in the clients and don't have it on on the server.



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