[Samba] Samba 3.0.0 on Solaris 8 10/00

Russell Aspinwall russell.aspinwall at flomerics.co.uk
Fri Oct 24 10:18:38 GMT 2003


I have finally sucessfully compiled Samba 3.0.0 to run on Solaris 8 and am 
currently testing it. I have now no errors in the any of the logs, the server 
has been added to the Windows-NT domain. The test shares are accessible but not 
via browsing. In the Windows NT Server Manager display, the machine is 
identified as a Windows workstation or Server (while other earlier versions of 
samba are clearly identified as Windows NT 4.9 server (Samba 2.2.7a, 2.2.8).

The smb.conf is as follows

# Samba config file created using SWAT
# Date: 2003/10/24 10:33:06

# Global parameters
	workgroup = FLO-PC
	security = DOMAIN
	ldap ssl = no
	create mask = 0777
	directory mask = 0777
	nt acl support = No

	path = /tmp
	read only = No
	sync always = Yes

I have run though the tests and they work, but one entry in the browser list.



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