[Samba] solution to domain reboot problem

Adam Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Fri Oct 24 09:49:22 GMT 2003

> I had a problem with rebooting XP and joining the samba domain, which was 
> controlled by my gentoo linux box. I worked for days
> for a solution, and found it....!!!!
> The problem was that I could join the domain fine, but had to reboot, and then 
> found i was rejected from joining then. It appeared like the domain was 
> invisible to the XP box.
> I pulled my hair out, scoured the web unsuccessfully, then stumbled upon this 
> solution, using the log files from samba. I found that it was rejecting the 
> user 'smbguest' as not existing. None of the HOWTO's mention this importatn 
> fact, a testament to how shitty linux people are at documenting EXACTLY what 
> needs to be done, in general.

The fact that your guest account actually needs to exist *IS* mentioned
in the documentation at least twice.  "smbguest" happens to be the guest
account in your default configuration files, and doesn't exist on your
distro;  which would be your distro's fault if your using their

man smb.conf -
       guest account (G,S)
              This is a username which will be used for access to
              services which are  specified  as   guest  ok  (see
              below).  Whatever  privileges this user has will be
              available to any client  connecting  to  the  guest
              service.  Typically  this  user  will  exist in the
              password file, but will not have a valid login. The
              user  account "ftp" is often a good choice for this
              parameter. If a username is specified  in  a  given
              service, the specified username overrides this one.

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