[Samba] ACL's vs Share definitions (Trying again)

Johan Arnet johan at psd.ca
Thu Oct 23 16:24:15 GMT 2003

Hi Doug,
I'm having the same issue.  We have a test environment setup with
RedHat 9, Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition and one test workstations (XP
We have the Kerberos / Winbind part working fine, we can log into the
Linux box with AD Creds and can browse the Windows Network and read the
shares on the samba server.  We can't set permissions as described in
the how-to or in any of the other docs I can find.
Can anyone help?!
Thanks in advance,

>>> Douglas Phillipson <phillipd at oem.doe.gov> 10/22/03 07:57AM >>>
I have the Win2000 client(s) in a Samba domain.  Domain authentication

works fine, my "homes" share works fine, remote profiles work fine.

Using 3.0.1Pre1 I would like to add people to "someshare" through the 
Security tab, and control their access through windows ACL's.

How should I setup a share as a basis for doing this?

The share below (someshare) in this email doesn't work.  Although I get

no error when adding another user to the share through the security tab

in windows, and the ACL's on the Linux side get added. The newly added

user, added via "Properties->Security", does not have permission to 
write to the share.

Does the "read list", "write list" and other similar parameters take 
precedence over an ACL set through windows?

If the share definition overrides all the ACL's, what good are ACL's?
I not using them properly?

How should I setup a share with minimal rights so an administrator can

grant users access to the share, through Windows ACL's?

Does winbind offer any advantages to me if no other DC's are involved.
have one samba 3.0.1 DC with several win2000 PC's as a testbed.  I'm 
trying to really scope out what ACL's do for me.  I've read the section

on Winbind according to the "Target Uses" section winbind would be good

for adding Linux machines to an existing NT network.  I will have no 
existing NT machines or Domains so what does winbind offer me and do I

need to run it anyway?

On my NT4 box we grant access to printers through the Security tab on 
the printer, adding the user to the printer.  Is this possible with 
ACL's as they exist now with Samba and the ACL patch?

If so, how would you add a printer as a domain resource to do this, 
again through windows?  Or does it have to be added (if it can be
on the Linux side?  If on linux side, how do you add/create a domain 
printer.  Is the printer in the domain simply by being in the smb.conf

file?  I don't see my printer as a resource, domain or other,to choose

from in the security tab from within windows.

I did read the April 21 2003 version of the howto and these things were

not clear to me.  After I figure them out I would be happy to give you

some verbage if you would care to have it.

Thanks again Samba folks

Doug P

(Previous reference below)

I'm really struggling with ACL's and permissions.  I have a share owned

by a user (douglas).  Douglas can read, write and create to the share:

   comment = Public Stuff
   path = /home/samba/pub
   nt acl support = yes
   public = yes
   admin users = douglas
   write list = douglas

I'm logged in to Win2000 as douglas.  Through the security tab on 
Win2000 I add read and write permission to the top level share called 
public (but it's not really public) for "terry".  I see terry in the 
list and everything seems to go OK in setting it.  Then I log off and 
login as terry.  Terry has no write access to the share.    What takes

precedence?  The share definition in smb.conf or settings through the 
security tab in windows, which should be the ACL's.   Does adding a
through the security tab effectively add another user to the "write 
list".  If so, it isn't.  What am I doing wrong?

Here are the linux permissions:

ls -ld /home/samba/pub
drwxrwxrwt    3 douglas  douglas        4096 2003-10-20 22:18 

Here are the ACL's from linux
getfacl -R --skip-base /home/samba/pub

getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names
# file: home/samba/pub
# owner: douglas
# group: douglas
default:user:terry:rwx    <<<<< Shouldn't terry have rwx access 
according to this?

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