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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Oct 23 13:49:55 GMT 2003

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Anton Solovyev wrote:
| I use Samba in security=domain mode and want
| NT domain SIDs mapped into UNIX UIDs
| with matching user names. Winbindd does not
| help, since it wants to assign random UIDs on its own.
| Am I going to get this functionality after I
| switch into AD mode?

no.  It will work without winbindd using
security = domain.;

| I am surprised it is such a gray area. You
| would think that pre-existing UNIX accounts
| matching Windows accounts and mixed access to
| UNIX boxes through Samba and interactive
| session is the most common configuration...

What is gray about this to you?  If you are
running winbindd, then UNIX accounts are
created automatically for the windows users.
If the winbindd lookup fails, then we lookup
an existing UNIX account by the same username.

There was one bug in 3.0.0 release regarding
this behavior and it has been fixed in cvs.
The only installations affected where those
joined to an AD domain and trying to user
local UNIX accounts for users from truested

cheers, jerry
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