[Samba] Logon path, logon home, logion drive, %u %U samba 3pre1 mix env win 98 and win XP config questions ( easy answers )

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Thu Oct 23 10:52:55 GMT 2003

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jean-marc pouchoulon írta:
| I set
| 	logon path = \\serv1\profile\%U
|       logon drive = H:
|       logon home = \\serv1\%U\.profiles
| For a user lambda
| The profile from the win98 client are store in /home/lambda/.profiles./
| But the H drive is mapped for the xp clients on /home/lambda/.profiles./
| If I set
| 	logon home = \\serv1\%U\
| 	the H drive is set correctly but the profile for the xp is
| straightly stored in the /home/lambda
| What I don't understand ?
| Thanks
| Jean-Marc Pouchoulon

So let we see what's here:

- --logon path is telling to NT (NT4, 2000, XP) clients where to find the
profile of the user %U
- --logon home is telling to 9x (95, 98, Me) clients where to find the
profile of the user %U, but also telling to all Windows variants, what
share to use for "net use driveletter: /home" the diference is that
win2k and winxp clients do this mapping without having to do that in a
logon script, using logon drive for that (if there is nothing mapped
onto it before e.g. by a logon script in this case they would map it to
driveletter Z:). The problem is that this clients have the "feature" of
mapping drive letters to subfolders of shares, unlike other windows
versions, which will map the share, ignoring any subfolder of it (or
give an error if you try it on command line).

I hope you can find something usefull from my endless story ;-)

Good Luck,

Geza Gemes
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