[Samba] Logon path, logon home, logion drive, %u %U samba 3pre1 mix env win 98 and win XP config questions ( easy answers )

jean-marc pouchoulon jean-marc.pouchoulon at ac-montpellier.fr
Thu Oct 23 09:58:04 GMT 2003

I set 

	logon path = \\serv1\profile\%U
      logon drive = H:
      logon home = \\serv1\%U\.profiles

For a user lambda
The profile from the win98 client are store in /home/lambda/.profiles./
But the H drive is mapped for the xp clients on /home/lambda/.profiles./

If I set 
	logon home = \\serv1\%U\

	the H drive is set correctly but the profile for the xp is
straightly stored in the /home/lambda 
What I don't understand ?


Jean-Marc Pouchoulon

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