[Samba] RE: Samba-3.0 and the --with-msdfs compile flag

Barry, Christopher cbarry at infiniconsys.com
Tue Oct 21 16:31:17 GMT 2003

	To answer my own question, from looking in the Makefile.in, I can see that $(MSDFS_OBJ) is a part of $(SMBD_OBJ_BASE), and consequently $(SMBD_OBJ). From this, I'm going to infer that Yes, indeed, MSDFS is now built by default. If I'm wrong, please YELL!


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Hi all,
	First, I'm no longer on the list, so please CC me if you reply to the group. I've hunted around, but I cannot find anything about this. The --with-msdfs compile flag is not present in ./configure --help. Is dfs built now by default? OR - is it no longer supported?


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