[Samba] cups printing questions

Mester mester at freemail.hu
Tue Oct 21 16:59:47 GMT 2003


i have a red hat linux 9.0 machine as file and printer server. on this
machine i have
	samba 2.2.8a
	cups 1.1.19 for printing
	esp ghostscript 7.07.1
	ghostscript-fonts-std 6.0
	hpijs 1.5

it took me two weeks of work for setting up everything. now the printers
works fine from cups by ppd files and ghostscript. printer driver
autodownload works too with adobe postscript driver. so everything works
fine except one thing. (and i have an other question too)

when i try to print multiple pages from a windows client (for example
from microsoft word) it only prints one page. in page_log i found the
following entry:

HP2100M ematos 94 [21/Oct/2003:15:27:21 +0200] 1 2 - localhost

so it sais that 2 coipes have been printed but no. only one. but when i
set to print 2 copies in the printer drivers option tab than 2 copies are
printed. but why it do not works from the print panel only from driver

and the other question: for every print jobs the following lines appears
in the error_log file;

------------------------------ error_log ------------------------------
D [21/Oct/2003:08:18:43 +0200] [Job 11] perl: warning: Setting locale
D [21/Oct/2003:08:18:43 +0200] [Job 11] perl: warning: Please check
that your locale settings:
D [21/Oct/2003:08:18:43 +0200] [Job 11] LANGUAGE = (unset),
D [21/Oct/2003:08:18:43 +0200] [Job 11] LC_ALL = (unset),
D [21/Oct/2003:08:18:43 +0200] [Job 11] LANG = "en"
D [21/Oct/2003:08:18:43 +0200] [Job 11] are supported and installed on
your system.
------------------------------ error_log ------------------------------

what does this lines mean? how can i fix it?

thanks a lot;
	attila mesterhazy

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