[Samba] unexpected behavior when "modified outside"

christophe barbe christophe at cattlegrid.net
Tue Oct 21 15:26:37 GMT 2003


I am using smbmount (3.0.0) on a debian GNU/Linux computer to mount a
Windows 98 folder. I edit C++ files from the Linux computer and compile
them on the Windows computer with VC++ 6.0. 

What I don't understand is the different behavior between when a file is
edited with an external editor on windows (let's say wordpad) and when
edited with an external editor via Samba (let's say with vim).
When edited with wordpad, VC++ notices the change and rebuild whatever
is needed based on the dependencies. When edited via samba, VC++ miss
the change.
What's strange is that if I let the file open in VC++ while editing it
externally, VC++ will notice the change and ask me: "This source file
has been modified outside the source editor. Reload?" in both case
(wordpad or via samba) but after answering "yes" to the reload question,
will still only do the required compilation only in the wordpad case.

What is different between editing a file with wordpad and editing a file
via samba?

It looks like samba is doing half the job. Apparently samba updates the
modified timestamp. Is there a modified flag somewhere else?


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