[Samba] ACL's and permissions

Tom Dickson bombcar at bombcar.com
Tue Oct 21 03:17:34 GMT 2003

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The share permissions override everything else.

You can manage the share permissions through the MMC (not sure how to do
this; check the HOWTO).

So, you'll have to add terry to the share list first.

This is the same as sharing a folder under Windows; if I'm not in the
permissions for the share, I can't access the files even if I am in the ACL.

- -Tom

Douglas Phillipson wrote:
| I'm really struggling with ACL's and permissions.  I have a share owned
| by a user (douglas).  Douglas can read, write and create to the share:
| [public]
|   comment = Public Stuff
|   path = /home/samba/pub
|   nt acl support = yes
|   public = yes
|   admin users = douglas
|   write list = douglas
| I'm logged in to Win2000 as douglas.  Through the security tab on
| Win2000 I add read and write permission to the top level share called
| public (but it's not really public) for "terry".  I see terry in the
| list and everything seems to go OK in setting it.  Then I log off and
| login as terry.  Terry has no write access to the share.    What takes
| precedence?  The share definition in smb.conf or settings through the
| security tab in windows, which should be the ACL's.   Does adding a user
| through the security tab effectively add another user to the "write
| list".  If so, it isn't.  What am I doing wrong?
| Here are the linux permissions:
| ls -ld /home/samba/pub
| drwxrwxrwt    3 douglas  douglas        4096 2003-10-20 22:18
| /home/samba/pub
| Here are the ACL's from linux
| getfacl -R --skip-base /home/samba/pub
| getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names
| # file: home/samba/pub
| # owner: douglas
| # group: douglas
| user::rwx
| user:terry:rwx
| group::r-x
| mask::rwx
| other::rwx
| default:user::rwx
| default:user:terry:rwx    <<<<< Shouldn't terry have rwx access
| according to this?
| default:group::---
| default:mask::rwx
| default:other::---
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