[Samba] FreeBSD5.1, Samba 3 + Win2k

wir02jcr at studserv.uni-leipzig.de wir02jcr at studserv.uni-leipzig.de
Mon Oct 20 15:31:14 GMT 2003

I am really lost and clueless.
I reinstalled my Workstation(Win2k) and my Server(FreeBSD5.1).
Bevor that Samba was working alright.
I installed Samba 3 on the FreeBSD box.
But now in state of security = user I just can't log in.
The BSD box is visible in the Workgroup.
All I changed is that I have a different user on my workstation now. Bevor on 
both the server and the workstation were the same user.
But still you can log in as a different user !?
I just dont know what the problem is, how to slove it and how to track it down !

Thx and have a nice day

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