[Samba] Samba + LDAP

Robert Rati Robert.Rati at motorola.com
Mon Oct 20 14:54:20 GMT 2003

Adam Williams wrote:
>>Does anyone know if the binaries provided by the Samba team are compiled 
>>with LDAP support?  I've tried 2.2.8a and 3.0.0 for Debian, but both 
>>complain that the ldap parameters (like ldap server) for unknown.
> Just "ldd /usr/sbin/smbd".  Is libldap in the list?  If not, than the
> smbd isn't linked against it.  Most (all?) distributed binaries I've met
> don't include things like ACL, LDAP, etc... support for obvious reasons
> (least common denominator).

Yes, I see libldap.so.2 listed in the ldd output.  I notice in the 
documentation that certain LDAP configuration options are only 
recognized if the --with-ldapsam is used at compile time.  Is there 
someplace were they list what options are used to compile the binary? 
Doesn't seem to make sense to have some LDAP options included in the 
samba build, but others (the important ones like ldap server) needing a 
compile switch but that appears to be the way it's setup (according to 
the manpages anyway).


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