[Samba] smbmount

Gerry Maddock gerrym at futuremetals.com
Fri Oct 17 17:52:40 GMT 2003

This might be the wrong list, but I figured I'd give it a shot b/c it deals
with smbmount. I have been mounting Windows shares via smbmount and recently
moved those mounts to automount. I set them up in /etc/auto.misc and they
mount ok sometimes, yet most of the time the atomount hangs. First here is a
listing of my windows mounts in /etc/auto.misc:

towelie          -rw,soft,acdirmin=3     mrhankey:/home/towelie
epicrap         -fstype=smbfs,username=<withheld>,password=<withheld>

I've tried with ipaddress and names and have the same results with each.
When I hang is if I just "cd /misc/epicrap" or if I "ls -l /misc/epicrap" I
can then break out with a [Ctrl]+[C] and retry, and it works. I do the same
with my nfs shares and they work right away each time (IE: ls -l
/misc/towelie shows me a listing each time). I realize thats probably b/c
its nfs to another *nix server. 

Just wondering if anyone knows about any tweaks for me to try. I have tried
adding the following to my smbmount statement in /etc/auto.misc:
but still have the same results.

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