[Samba] Directory Permissons showing partial read-only on Windows XP

Steven Yarbrough syarbrough at memphisaudio.com
Sat May 31 00:18:23 GMT 2003

To whom it may concern,

I've spent the last couple of hours searching the internet looking for an answer to a Samba question and have come up dry. Here's the problem I'm facing.

When a drive is mapped on a RH Linux 9.0 server with the latest Samba update from RH, I can right click on the directory and it shows a partial read-only on all directories regardless.  I need Samba to show there being no read-only attribute on the directories.  The reason is, I have a program, PaperPort Office 9.0 Pro, that was just installed and it checks the permission on the folders and applies them to everything below that directory.  I know it's stupid to do it that way, but seeing as I can't change that, I need to get Samba to stop showing them as partially read-only ( and I mean partially read-only by the check box is the partial state... not un-checked, not checked, just highlighted in ). Here is the list of things I've currently tried:

1. Permission on ALL directories and files on the share are 777.
2. create masks for files and directory are set to 777.
3. I set the security and force security as instructed for files and directories and tried to change them via Windows and it wouldn't stick.
4. The user is setup correctly as it's only this program that won't act right.

I may have to prompt ScanSoft to change their ways, but that's probably not going to happen so a fix of some sort from you guys would be great.

In review: the problem is that Samba is telling Windows there is a partial read-only tag on directories and Paperport is not checking individual files for read-only status, it's just going by the directory.  I can make have Paperport save to the directory but if I try to modify the documents that I make it tells me it's read-only and can't.

Any help is much appreciated and I'll also be contacting Scansoft. Thanks in advance!

Steven Yarbrough
Systems Administrator
Memphis Audio
syarbrough at memphisaudio.com

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