[Samba] Recycle Modul don't work - invalid ELF headers

Stefan Werner samba-list at sw7.de
Fri May 23 09:06:31 GMT 2003

I have a problem with the recycle modul, on one of my samba machines (PDC).
Samba without the recycle modul works fine, no problems. If I activate
the recycle modul, samba starts normal, but it is not possible to
connect to the shares.

The error messages in the logfile 

 Error opening /usr/local/samba-2.2.8a/etc/samba/recycle.conf:
/usr/local/samba-2.2.8a/etc/samba/recycle.conf: invalid ELF header 
smbd_vfs_init: vfs_init_custom failed
smbd_vfs_init failed for service IPC$

If I change the modul from the global to one share options it is the
same problem with this one share.

The path to the config file and modul is correct. 
On other machines under similar conditions it works correct. 

Technical informations: 

samba 2.2.8a self-compiled with the same configure options like the
debian packages and --PREFIX=/usr/local/samba-2.2.8a
pentium 3 with kernel 2.4.20 self-compiled 
Debian Woody

Thanks for your help


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