[Samba] Problem makeing RPM in Advance Server

s shiuhrong at synamatix.com
Fri May 23 08:35:31 GMT 2003


My company just bought a HP Itanium2 Server with Redhat Advance Server
2.1 preinstalled. I have set the Samba server on the server for the file
sharing between Windows and Linux platform.

The Samba server on this Linux is version 2.2.1a, it does not come with
SWAT, therefore I need to add the user through command. After adding
user to both Linux and Samba, I was unable to connect to the Linux using
WinXP, but I have no problem accessing Linux server by using Win2k under
the same user name and password.

The username and password is the same as the MS Active Directory
username and password. I had not changed the setting of smb.conf yet as
I want to make sure everything works fine before the system goes life.

I been to some internet forums and ask regarding my problem, some users
on the internet ask me to update my Samba to the latest one which is
version 2.2.8a. I downloaded and unzip it in my Redhat advance server. I
have problem when compiling it. It gave me an error at the end of the
compilation process.

I try it out with my Pentium 4 which has Redhat 8.0 install, I have no
problem as to compile and install the latest Samba. The command I used
in both compilation process is "sh makerpms.sh" as told in the

How can I compile RPM in Itanium2 based system? Is there any special
command? I really need some help on this matter, please provide any help
as you can. 

Thanks a lot.

Yong Shiuh Rong
System Engineer

Synamatix Sdn Bhd

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On Fri, May 23, 2003 at 03:15:04PM +0800, Yong Shiuh Rong wrote:
> I compile the latest Samba in Linux Advance Server in Itanium2 server,
> it gave me an error, while the compilation process in Redhat Linux 8.0
> on Pentium 4 has no error and I can install the latest Samba on Redhat
> 8.0 without a hiccup. What could have wrong?
Itanium2 is completely different architecture than Pentium4.

I'd suggest you to ask your question with providing relevan information
smb.conf settings and options you used for compilation -- in
samba at lists.samba.org mailing list.

I don't have access to Itanium2 based systems (and RedHat Linux too).
/ Alexander Bokovoy
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