[Samba] linux problems

Sumita Sharma sumitasharma at rediffmail.com
Wed May 21 12:26:09 GMT 2003


I am facing two problems in Linux , if you can help me with 

1. I have to generate keyboard /mouse interrupt from my program 
which xlock can recognize so that prompt will appear on it.
The interrupt will be generated from a program running at the 
background. It is required in my project.

2. I have started a program in /usr/bin/startkde, which was 
necessary at that time only, has the ownership of the user who 
logged in.
I want that the ownership should remain the same, but the owner 
should not be able to remove the file by killing it, not even with 
"kill -9 pid". But when the user logs out the program should get 

Normally when the user is logging out, the program is getting 
terminated, but if anywhere I have added signal(SIGTERM,SIG_IGN), 
it is preventing the user to kill it, of course not from (kill -9 
pid), but normal (kill pid), but then when the user logs out, the 
program doesn't get terminated then also.

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