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nadine.vandois at bull.net nadine.vandois at bull.net
Wed May 21 11:19:53 GMT 2003

Hello Dragan,

Thanks for your answer.

I work with RH 9.0, and with the samba version delivered with this

I checked, and it is samba 2.2.7a - 7.9.0

Is the fix, you have written available for this version too ?

Best regards,

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>When executing "cupsaddsmb -a -v", I get an error:
>NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFULL, when attemping to execute

I assume you are talking about samba 2.2.8a. There
is a bug #82, a NULL pointer being dereferenced in
a function called strlen_w, called by rpcstr_pull,
both in lib/util_unistr.c. Read all about it in


You may have to apply the fix manually and rebuild
samba in order to use the printing services.


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