[Samba] Samba and large directories

Manfred Birkhoff manfred.birkhoff at veritas.com
Mon May 12 13:41:18 GMT 2003


I would like to use samba to share a directory with about 1.5 Mio Files. The
environment is HP/UX 11.11 on a HP9000 (4 procs, 4GB RAM), vxfs 3.5, EMC
Symmetrix and samba 2.09.

When I share the directory via samba and access it from a Win2k machine, the
Windows explorer hangs and smbd spawns about 15 processes that use quite
much cpu time. After 30 minutes I killed the processes and the Windows

Doing an ls -l on the directory only takes 2 minutes.

Does anybody know how to tune samba to share large directories?

I already increased shared mem size to 20MB and was surprised that smbstatus
still reportet 1MB (yes, I restartet smbd...)

Can anybody help me?


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