[Samba] Re: Problems with Win-Username containing a "Umlaut"

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Fri May 30 19:39:41 GMT 2003

Ciao Silvio,

>>>> >> >I found out, that this is caused by the "ö" 
>>>> >> >(german Umlaut). If the Username is "Marc 
>>>> >> >Doerner" it'll work, but i'd like to keep it 
>>>> >> >to "Marc Dörner". So: How can I set Umlaut-
>>>> >> >letters in the username map?
>>>> >
>>>> >
>>>> >> I've had that problem and simply have up. His 
>>>> >> actual name is Doerner. But try poking the PC-
>>>> >> ASCII code for "ö" in the username map. What 
>>>> >> code does "ö" have now?
>>>> >
>>>> >
>>>> >How can I set Ascii Codes in the username map? I 
>>>> >know that the "ö" is Hex Code 0xF6 or Decimal 
>>>> >246...
>>>> That's octal 366. You can do something like:
>>>>    echo -en "\0366"
>>>> to produce the character and then poke it somehow 
>>>> at the right place. dd can help.
>>>> But what code is there now?
>>>I typed in echo -en "\0366" and got a "6" back. So 
>>>what to do with this "6"-Code?
>>>How can I use it in the username.map?
>>>Sorry, but i'm really a newbee to linux..
>>That's OK Silvio. As I said I gave up in the previous
>>try and convinced my user Jörg that his name is 
>>really Joerg. That was expedient. Now I'll take up 
>>the case again and shall let you know soon what I've 
>After some head-banging I can't say I understand why
>small o-umlaut (0xf6) gets interpreted by samba in
>6 different ways (as 0xf7, 0x94, 0x99, 0xcd, 0xd6, and
>0xf6) but if you want an unlucky dörner to be able to 
>use samba login and shares there is an ugly
>work-around for that:
>1. his home directory field in /etc/passwd should use 
>0xf7 instead of 0xf6, like this:
>   dörner:x:597:504::/home/d÷rner:/bin/bash
>2. there has to be a duplicate of this /etc/passwd
>line with a small difference - it should use 0x94
>for o-umlaut like this:
>   d~Trner:x:597:504::/home/d÷rner:/bin/bash
>(it looks like a tilde-and-a-T on my screen)
>3. do exactly the same for the respective entry in
>samba/smbpasswd. i.e. duplicate the line for the user
>with o-umlaut and replace the 0xf6 character with
>0x94. The password fields MUST match.
>4. make sure that his home and profile directories use
>0xf7 instead of 0xf6 for the o-umlaut
>With these changes, Mr. Doerner can login as dörner
>if he's so keen about it.
>Other than that, the relevant smb.conf entries are
>   character set = ISO8859-1  
>   path = /profiles/%U
>   path = /home/%U
>There's a little problem when Mr. Doerner wants to
>change his password. He can't. The only person that
>can do it for him is the root.
>I wish someone from Samba team would look into the
>problem even though it only affects 92.5% of the world 
>population in non-USASCII lands.
>PS: You might wonder how you enter those characters.
>The dörner with normal o-umlaut 0xf6 is what you
>usually get when you press the o-umlaut on a German
>keyboard. Lacking that you may try:
>  echo -en "d\0366rner" > /tmp/some.file
>Normally you should have the character 0xf6 as the
>second character in the output file, but you may also 
>check it by typing:
>   dd conv=swab < /tmp/some.file | od -x
>and if you get
>   0000000 64f6 726e 6572
>in response then it worked. Once you have it in a
>file you can easily read it into a vi session with
>the command ":r /tmp/some.file" and move it around
>to where you need it. Perhaps there's even an easier
>way with vi, but I don't know it.
>For the other character 0xf7, which should be used
>in the names of home and profiles directories use 
>0367 instead of 0366.
>For the third character 0x94, which is used for the
>second passwd and smbpasswd entries, use 0224.
>It's messy, I know, but this is the best I could
>do. And don't even try "valid chars" option, it
>makes no difference.

I had a little time for head-banging today so I found
a slightly less ugly work-around. Apparently the 
codepage files "codepage.850" and
"unicode_map.ISO8859-1" are broken. I've enclosed
corrected files in the attachment which you may
install in lieu of the old files but don't just
overwrite the old files - rename them first, because
maybe the old ones may make sense in a different
context (for example, when samba team really fixes
the problem).

With these 2 files installed you can forget all the
different complications I described in my previous
posting and only need to map the user dörner to his 
namesake written with \0224. For example you may type:

echo -en "dörner = d\0224rner" >> /etc/samba/smbusers

His entry in /etc/passwd could be something like:

  dörner:x:597:504:Marc Doerner:/home/dörner:/bin/bash

(note the homonymous home dir) while the 
/etc/samba/smbpasswd may read something like:

  [U          ]:LCT-3ED26C47:

Now the relevant entries in /etc/samba/smb.conf are
(Note the "code page directory" specification. That's 
where you should put the codepages, the old and the
new ones. They are  usually in
/usr/share/samba/codepages although by default they 
should be in ${prefix}/lib/codepages. If you specify 
it, you can put them anywhere):

    code page directory = /var/lib/samba/codepages
    client code page = 850
    path = /home/$U
    path = /profiles/$U

The option "character set" is no more necessary, since 
ISO8859-1 character set will be automatically loaded 

There's still the problem that Mr. Doerner can't 
change his password without the help of the superuser, 
but I hope I'll get that to work too when I find some 
more head-banging time.

Other than that, Mr. Doerner's service (his home
share) only appears to be d÷rner ("d\0367rner"), 
although his login is really "dörner" and his home dir 
is "dörner" too. It's still a little flakey, but soon 
I'll apply some more duct-tape to it and it will 
be "dörner" all the way.

This is a problem that I ducked away from when I
first met it, but there's really no reason to leave
it unfinished.


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