[Samba] Problem reading/writing permissions under Windows (V 2.2.8a)

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue May 27 14:51:42 GMT 2003

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On Sun, 25 May 2003, Eric Veith wrote:

> To solve the problem, I've read through log.smbd and found that
> introducion error: "error packet at smbd/nttrans.c(86) cmd=160
> (SMBnttrans) NT_STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL" followed by various NT_STATUS
> errors. While grepping the archive for that error, I found a message in
> wich the author wrote this would happen frequently because Windows often
> tries to read/creat files that do no really exist. That's fine with me,

No.  This is usually seen when a fragmented RPC PDU needs to be continued
in an SMBread/write.

> Can someone help me to fix that issue? It would be great, because I want
> to use roaming profiles. I think that "NT_STATUS_BUFFER" causes the
> problem.

I'm just a little short on details?  What is the exact error?
Where are you storing profiles?  What are the permissions?  What 
client OS and SP?  etc....  

cheers, jerry
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