[Samba] no domain server was available to validate your password

Mr eric salayon esalayon at yahoo.com
Tue May 27 13:42:54 GMT 2003

i still getting this error eventhough my current setup
is like this:
 Linux samba server: Red Hat 7.3
                     RPM samba installed ver. 2.2.3a
                     hostname: backup.tip.edu.ph
                     smb.conf contains:
                         workgroup = COMPLAB
                         domain master = yes
                         domain logons = yes
                         local master = yes
                         preferred master = yes
                         os level - 255
 Win98 client: configured to log to samba server
 the two computers are connected using a cross cable
I tried issuing the ff command in my samba server:
 # smbclient -L backup
which would return:
 Server                 Comment
 ----------             ----------
 BACKUP                 Samba Server
 Workgroup              Master
 ----------             ----------
 COMPLAB                BACKUP
which i think is okay, but when i tried:
 # nmblookup COMPLAB
it would find none, eventhough in my logs it says that
local master browser, domain master and logon server
is my samba server? how could this happen?

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