[Samba] Delete dead browse lists

Scott Swaim scott at qualitycorps.com
Tue May 27 13:51:22 GMT 2003

man   smb.conf  and look for enhanced browsing.
 enhanced browsing (G)
              This  option  enables  a  couple of enhancements to
              browse propagation that have been added in Samba but  which
              not standard in Microsoft implementations.

              The  first enhancement to browse propagation consists of a
              lar wildcard query to a Samba WINS server for all Domain
              Browsers,  followed by a browse synchronization with each of
              returned DMBs. The second enhancement consists of a regular
              domised browse synchronization with all currently known DMBs.

              You  may  wish to disable this option if you have a problem
              empty workgroups not disappearing from browse lists. Due to
              restrictions  of  the  browse  protocols  these enhancements
              cause a empty workgroup to stay  around  forever  which  can

              In  general  you  should  leave  this option enabled as it
              cross-subnet browse propagation much more reliable.

              Default: enhanced browsing = yes

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> I've run into this problem a few times now and still haven't figured out
how to fix it without shutting down my entire network.
> We get a lot of guest and transient computers belonging to different
> The gleefully add themselves to the SAMBA domain master and the SAMBA
master browse never gets rid of them.
> Isn't there some sort of timeout or interface where these can be deleted?
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