[Samba] Call for help with Samba Printing and WinNT

Ken Sarkies matou at picknowl.com.au
Mon May 26 19:39:21 GMT 2003

Hi Dragan

Thanks for your reply. I have been using the absolute latest rpcclient
from Samba 3 CVS, so I expect that the bug is fixed. It installs the
drivers but not such that WinNT/TSE can use. However WinXP can use
exactly the same ones. Apart from a feature (not necessarily a bug) in
rpcclient that WinNT/TSE doesn't like, the only other possible thing I
can imagine is a problem with permissions in my installation. However
installation by Windows GUIs from both WinNT/TSE and WinXP/HE under
various accounts work flawlessly for WinNT/TSE. Oh well, its been fun
chasing it up, but without intimate knowledge of what WinNT/TSE wants I
can't get much more insight.

cheers, Ken

On Mon, 2003-05-26 at 22:37, Dragan Krnic wrote:
> >> Did you install an NT4 driver? Look at the 
> >> "Additional Drivers" dialog box for the printer
> >> in question for the versions listed.
> >The identical one that I installed under the GUI, 
> >using the same driver files. The issue seems to be 
> >with the registration in the tdbs, or even, dare I 
> >say it, a problem in my samba installation.
> I might have missed the beginning of this thread.
> What versions of kernel, samba and cups are involved?
> There seems to be a problem in rpcclient code 
> preventing cupsaddsmb and rpcclient from adding
> higher level drivers, especially obnoxious in 2.2.8a.
> It was resolved as bug #82.
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