[Samba] samba 3.0 as PDC and Winxp

Peter Haufschild peter.haufschild at alfabet.de
Mon May 26 09:37:07 GMT 2003


I setup a samba 3.0alpha24-1 as PDC (simple with smbpasswd without LDAP:-(
With Windows 2000 everything works fine (server profiles, mapping the home
directory of the users as Z:/ etc.)

But :-(
Windows XP I could join the domain (without any trouble). But I could not
login as a user. Windows XP returns domain is not accessible (die domain ist
nicht verfügbar).
But when I login to the local maschine then I could browse the domain, could
access public folders could access with authentication the users home. But
when I use net view server on the dos command prompt I get error 5 and I
couldn't see anything.
Time is syncron.

I already fix the registry 

Any idea what I could fix???

Thanks Peter

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